Boat Tour


Adults € 49,00
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Boat Tour

Il Garda nel ‘900. Da Mussolini a Churchill.

As a result of the armistice of September 8th, 1943, almost unknowingly Lake Garda, in particular the Western part from Salò to Gargnano, became one of the most important and strategic places on the European continent. For nearly 600 days it housed the major departments and offices of the ministries of the new Republican regime created by Mussolini. 

With the help of one of the greatest scholars of that period, we will relive the story of the places that profoundly marked the history of this small part of Italy, beginning first with the German occupation to the allied Liberation and then till the subsequent arrival on Lake Garda of Winston Churchill. 

Traveling by boat we will enjoy this experience from a unique point of view, far away from road traffic and surrounded by the calming waters and panoramic views of the Lake. 


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